Personal Training
Laura Phillips
Laura, our newest Personal Trainer has been training for just over 2 years and has enjoyed training many wonderful clients that she helped reach their fitness goals. She began her fitness path while attending and graduating from Grand Valley State University in Grand Rapids Michigan, earning her Bachelors Degree of Exercise Science. Her passion for fitness and helping others reach their health goals started with the geriatric population where she interned as a fitness instructor. She coordinated group fitness classes, personal training, and water aerobics. She went on to train athletes, teaching high intensity one on one training in sport specific acceleration protocols, which focused on improving athletes speed, agility, and overall athletic performances.  Laura’s style of training is a mixture of weight training and HITT specific workouts that get your muscles stronger and your blood pumping for the ultimate training that fits your fitness needs.  She will give you the best workouts you can receive all while having fun, and through learning proper techniques and form to last you a lifetime!

Monday 6am - 2pm
Wednesday 6am - 2pm
Friday 6am - 2pm 

other days and times are up for discussion

Please Contact Jeff Porter with J&L Fitness
to schedule a session with Jeff or Laura